GigaVoice LLC exists to create a human centric environment that is optimized for innovation so that we can produce cutting edge software solutions.

IT Outsourcing

We will find and manage the IT talent you’re looking for. Onsite? Offsite? We do both.

Web Development

Create applications that deliver short, medium and long term results.

Mobile Development

We create advanced mobile solutions targeting the end user. Our goal is to help you deliver innovation that matters.

Clients that we've worked with

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About Us

We are a community of the best and the brightest international IT professionals with a desire to share our knowledge and passion for our work. Together, we are are a team that everyone wants to do business with.

We are positive thinking people, each with a strong ambition to create excellent products. At GigaVoice, sharing core values is extremely important. Every single individual contributes to the company's success through embracing knowledge and living our values.

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