The Technology

PHP, PHPBB, MySQL, WordPress

The Problem

This website requires on-going optimization to enhance user experience. Sometimes we have to deal with server configuration issues, databases issues, or caching system issues that make it harder to pin-point the problem.

The Solution

We’ve coded this website and been a part of its growth for almost a decade. We have created a customized database and administrative back end, as well as adjusted look and feel to meet direct specifications. Knowing a website from the inside-out really helps increase efficiencies and delivery speed.

How we worked with the client

Accurate and details specs help keep our work efficient. In this case, the client management team makes their requirements very specified and accurate. Sometimes they include screen shots in their requirements, as well. This way, we always know what to do. For project management, we use Jira to track every task. Each task has a status: open, in-progress, or completed Additionally, we have regular meetings via Skype or Google Hangouts.

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William Wong

GigaVoice employs talented graphical designers with excellent work ethics. It has been a pleasure working with them.

GigaVoice Developer

GigaVoice boasts a relaxed working environment, flexible working hours, great colleagues, regular ‘team building’, and even provides food. It’s just like home.

GigaVoice Developer

At first colleagues, now friends.

GigaVoice Developer

I really enjoy my professional colleagues, the relaxed atmosphere, and new technologies… it is a pleasure working at GigaVoice.

GigaVoice Developer

Тo work at Gigavoice is like having a place for good living. You can work but you can also play football, return to the child inside with silly drawings, and (of course) write some code 🙂

GigaVoice Developer

It’s really nice to be a part of Gigavoice. I come in around 8:30, make a coffee, read my new emails and then start to work.

GigaVoice Developer

Working at Gigavoice has provided me with the opportunity to work with the best IT pros in the country, in the best working environment, as well as given me the chance to expand my knowledge and experience with different types of technologies.

GigaVoice Developer

What I like the most about GigaVoice is that the company promotes and inspires the creativity of the people working for it, by organising different events like yoga classes, brain activity exercises, team building meetings, paper air plane contests, etc. Great company.

GigaVoice Developer

For me GigaVoice is the company with the best work environment, flexible work hours, great colleagues, great renumiration and a place to grow and enjoy working.

GigaVoice Developer

Gigavoice is a place where your co-workers are very friendly, helpful and supportive, the working environment perfect, and you are as relaxed as you possibly can be.