Why GigaVoice?

People are at the center of GigaVoice. This is why we are interested in both your professional skills and your personal qualities. We invite you to share your unique experience with us.

GigaVoice offers you:

  • Career tracks for advancement
  • Flexible work hours
  • Great renumeration
  • Friendly work environment
  • Free lunch and fitness programs
  • Professional mentoring

When you start to work at GigaVoice, you add to our culture and organization as well as our customers' experience. We are a customer adaptive company and deliver a personalized and responsive experience to client needs in cooperation with you. But we see you as more than a developer.

So we work day-to-day to maintain a positive environment in our company to make you feel happy and have your contribution add value at all levels of our company.

How we do this?

We offer great flexibility on every level. We assign you to projects where you feel content and challenged so that you can work with passion. Likewise, we position you in direct customer relations with clients, taking out hassle of mid-level managers in every day administration.

Plus, we are very interested in your perception of work pressure and will do everything that is necessary to keep it as best as fit to you as possible.

We are always very much concerned that you have the optimal satisfaction about your work-life balance. And we offer optimal flexibility in working hours individually and on the team level to achieve this. Finally, we are very concerned about your well-being here. We offer free lunches in our restaurant, game competitions, team building events and a relaxed ambient at the workplace.

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