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We know that work is much more than showing up to your desk. At GigaVoice, work is fun! We also offer the following tangible benefits to all our employees. And adapt our benefits to your needs. Here’s what’s currently on offer to GigaVoicers.


Tired of reaching a professional "ceiling"? At GigaVoice, we provide career tracks for advancement. Whether you're just starting out as an intern or have years of programming experience, advancement is possible. Additionally, we value the learning process and encourage new areas of study or experience for our developers.


Every person has an internal clock. We know this. This is why we offer employees the flexibility to choose their own working hours (within reason, of course). So whether you're an early riser or need a few cups of coffee before you get started ... we can accommodate your personal or ideal schedule.


You should know that GigaVoice is constantly optimizing. Part of this process is an annual review. During review, employees are recognized for achievements and contributions. Annual reviews are also an excellent time to set milestones for the coming year. We understand what motivates employees, and the annual review process acknowledges each person for their own personal efforts to make GigaVoice a better company.


Fitness activities provide us with an opportunity to achieve our best potential and to connect with each other. This is why we will pay for half of any employee's fitness initiative. Whether you join a gym, like to swim occasionally or want to play on the GigaVoice basketball team, we support you. Why? Because we know that fitness not only helps reduce stress, but that healthy activities make happy people. Plus, a little fun competition can build team spirit and optimize our group performance.


A proper lunch is good for your brain (it provides and opportunity for rest) as well as for your spirit. We organize and offer employees a wholesome lunch each and every day. This built-in benefit allows you to relax and enjoy a real break with colleagues. Eating lunch at work also helps you do what you do best: code and create!


We believe that helping employees find work-life continuity helps advance each person's aspirations. So we find time to be together out of work. At the kafich. Or over dinner. It's easy to hang out when you truly enjoy the company!

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